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Roofs Done Right…The FIRST Time!

At Tim KLINE Roofing, our desire to instill the utmost confidence by giving you the best roof possible is what separates us from the rest. Those are words not just spoken or written, but backed up with a warranty that has real meaning.

The real care we take with all of our customers is immediate. That genuine care is clearly evident from the first phone call to the final inspection.

After Tim Kline has arrived at your home for your agreed upon appointment time, Tim will first discuss all of your roofing concerns with you. Then, Tim will begin assessing your roof’s condition.

Tim Kline’s Assessment Process:

  • Taking photographs
  • Measuring your roof
  • Creating detailed drawings
  • Inspecting the the current condition of the underlayment
  • How the original installation of the roofing was completed
  • How the flashings are performing
  • Current roof life expectancy
  • Gathering of all the information needed in order to create a detailed plan to ensure all the work we recommend corrects all inefficiencies



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Mr. Tim Kline. I want to tell you how impressed I am. I have never seen better work. You truly stand up to your name: “Roofs done right…. The first time!”. I shall absolutely mention you to everyone I know. Word gets around…
A. Stater, AZ
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roof 8

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The amount of time Tim will spend varies and depends on the individual project – don’t worry about the summer heat, this is what we do.

Tim will then discuss the findings with you in layman terms. This is a crucial step in the process – we do not rush through this; detailed fact-gathering ensures a successful project. You should plan on setting aside at least an hour and a half for this initial meeting. For larger homes with multiple issues, please allow more time.

When Tim has gathered all of the information we need and answered all of your questions, we then take this information back to the office to create a detailed, written proposal. Each of our proposals/agreements is custom-made to the roof it is designed for – we don’t use generic carbon-copied proposals with boxes to check off. Tim will then contact you to set up another appointment to review the proposal.

What does your team look like?

Once you agree to the work, that’s when our real work begins. All Tim KLINE Roofing craftsmen are thoroughly trained and verified to work on each individual roofing system. Tim and Jair (your foreman/project manager) will have a meeting prior to starting your roofing project to discuss the specific roofing details that your roof demands.

We invest this much time because we know that thorough preparation eliminates any chance for error. Should you have a need to speak to Jair or Tim anytime during the project, Jair will always be accessible and Tim will be a phone call away.

Owner Tim Kline and Jair set the standard by ensuring that our roofing craftsmen work with the utmost care by adhering to this process from start to finish. Tim and Jair have very strict expectations for all of our installation professionals, using accountability, respect and communication as vital tools. Each and every complete roof system installed by Tim KLINE Roofing, LLC is covered by a 15-year workmanship warranty.

To find out what it’s like to have your home protected by a Roofing Contractor who is always accountable, takes real pride in, and cares deeply about their work, contact us today for an appointment.

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