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Watch out for unscrupulous contractors and unlicensed workers.

Where do I find a contractor?

Having a project like putting on a new roof is no simple task. It should not be taken lightly or done with minimal effort. Your roof is the one element of your home that protects not only your belongings, but your family. Therefore, if you allow some shady contractor or worse, unlicensed individual who are only looking to get in and get out quickly and with least resistance as possible, is a very bad idea.

These types of sloppy workers don’t care about longevity or making the necessary corrections that bring you peace of mind. Their thoughts are to cut every corner possible so as to make as much profit as they can. And the unlicensed worker doesn’t know how to properly complete an extensive project like a new roof. If they did have the knowledge, they would want to complete the necessary tasks involved to get licensed and have the possibility of making an honest living out of it.

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Will I be accountable for any accidents?

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Most folks don’t know that if an unlicensed worker gets injured while working on their property, they can sue the homeowner for any injuries incurred. Roofing is a very dangerous job. Workers compensation insurance for roofers is one of the highest risk trades to insure. That is one reason why the unlicensed workers are not insured, it is expensive and a licensed contractor has to prove they are working as safely as possible to keep those rates as low as possible.

Many times I have had folks come to me who had sloppy contractors or unlicensed workers do their roofing project. They then get very upset to find out it will have to be done over because of the damage that had occurred due to incorrect or negligent work practices. Sometimes it takes a while to find out because of the low occurrence of long heavy rains. By then these workers are usually long gone.

But this contractor is so cheap!

Sloppy contractors and unlicensed workers keep their costs down by using the least quality materials and paying very low wages to the workers. They are not going to make less profit. Can you imagine being paid peanuts to do a roofing project? What kind of product does a disgruntled worker put out? Roofing is one of the most difficult trades in the construction industry. Roofing in the valley heat makes it even more demanding.

I believe if you work smart and truly care about what makes your living, you should be paid accordingly. That doesn’t mean over paying and having to charge the customer a ridiculous amount, it means being fair and respectful. Most trade workers want to do the job the right way, but aren’t given the time or incentive to do so.

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How do I make certain I hire a good contractor?


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Supervision and communication is the key to quality workmanship. The standard must be set by the person in charge. If that person doesn’t care or is disrespectful to the workers that work for him, everybody will be miserable. The person who suffers the most will be the homeowner.

The best idea is to get at least three estimates. Always make sure all are from licensed contractors. Setting a firm date and time for the appointment is a sure fire way to find out how accountable a contractor is. A four hour window or being late for an appointment is not being accountable (a quick phone call before the appointment letting you know someone will be late is very easy to do). I have been running my company and making my own appointments from the very beginning. I am only late when it absolutely can’t be helped.

When that person does arrive for the appointment, ask plenty of questions and be very clear about your expectations. That alone will scare off most of the sloppy contractors. Always check their license status. Ask for references and call them.

Get a detailed, written proposal, and remember you are the boss. Using this process, you will certainly pay more than the lowest of estimates, but in the long run you will have peace of mind and a happy home.

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